Emergency numbers and useful services

Emergency numbers
In the event of an emergency, you can contact:

The fire brigade: 18 or 112
The police : 17 or (+377) 93 15 30 15
Princess Grace Hospital Accident and Emergency Unit: (+377) 97 98 97 69

Information line
If you are looking for information, please call: 0800 91 90 10

This is a free international phone number which allows anyone in Monaco who is a victim of violence to obtain free information. The service covers all types of violence: rape and sexual abuse, violence perpetrated within the family, sexual harassment, institutional violence, etc. In addition, the following organisations work as a network and can help you to escape violence.

In addition to the emergency numbers, there are other organisations who can provide support.

Department of Social Welfare and Social Services
23 avenue Albert II – (+377) 98 98 41 00 – daso@gouv.mc

The Department of Social Welfare and Social Services (DASO) is staffed every working day from 9.30 am to 5 pm and is able to provide a response in such situations, offering an individual listening and guidance service. DASO staff are accessible throughout the country (for the cost of a local call). Confidentiality and anonymity are guaranteed by the general framework surrounding education and social work (professional confidentiality). DASO includes a team of social workers who have been trained in different fields (social work assistants, specialist educators, psychologists, social and family finance advisors). They work as part of a network with:

Hospital and outpatient units (La Roseraie Psychiatry and Medical Psychology Unit,
Medical Psychology Centre for Children and Adolescents)

All social work offices of the various entities involved
(courts, police, Monaco City Hall, social security funds, etc.) and stakeholders from the charity sector

Family Mediation Unit
Entrance B, Residence Saint-Sébastien, 6 Boulevard de Belgique
(+377) 98 98 21 12 –  clorenzini@gouv.mc
Visitors will be greeted by the family mediator who is trained in dealing with domestic violence, and a specific protocol proposed. The ethical principles of family mediation are applied, guaranteeing confidentiality and anonymity. Family Mediator: Christine Lorenzini

Princess Grace Hospital
1 Avenue Pasteur Hôpital : (+377) 97 98 99 00
Accident and Emergency Unit : (+377) 97 98 97 69
The hotel has staff who are trained to care for victims of violence.

Hospital services and outpatient care structures (Psychiatry and Medical Psychology Unit, etc.) are also available.
“La Roseraie”, Medico-Psychological Centre for Children and Adolescents)

Other social welfare organisations

Department of Justice
Palais de Justice – 5 rue Colonel Bellando de Castro
(+377) 98 98 88 11

Monaco City Hall Social Welfare Department
Place de la Mairie
(+377) 93 15 28 83 – secretariatas@mairie.mc

Monaco Red Cross
(+377) 97 97 68 18 – aide-sociale@croix-rouge.mc

Monaco Social Security Funds
1, rue Louis Notari
(+377) 93 15 43 33 ou (+377) 93 15 43 36 – social@caisses-sociales.mc
Visitors accepted without appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Reception on second floor: open 8.30 am to 12 pm and 2.30 pm to 5 pm

Police Department
4 rue Louis Notari
Minors and Social Protection Section: (+377) 93 15 31 58

Outpatient units
Domestic violence has an enormous impact on the health
of women and children who may be referred to:

The Psychiatry and Medical Psychology Unit
La Roseraie – 7 bis avenue des Ligures – (+377) 98 98 44 20

The Medical Psychology Centre
9 bis rue Plati – (+377) 98 98 46 64


Association for Support to Victims of Crime (AVIP)
(+377) 93 25 00 07 – avip@monaco.mc