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  For Women’s Rights Day, the collective work of Mr One teas produced for the Committee for the Promotion and Protection of Women’s Rights was unveiled by H.S.H. Prince Albert II and H.S.H. Princess Stéphanie. A conference entitled “Equality today for a sustainable future, Crossed perspectives on the common issues of the ocean and women”...

Bread bags helping to combat domestic abuse

The Women’s Rights Committee and Monegasque bakeries are joining forces to combat domestic abuse by handing out bread bags which feature the emergency and assistance telephone numbers for the Principality. The aim of the initiative is to use an everyday item to inform people and raise public awareness. “It’s a more direct way of reaching...

The 26th European Heritage Days and the 1st Women’s Heritage Day

On the occasion of the 26th European Heritage Days and the 1st Women’s Heritage Day, the Women’s Rights Committee is organising an exhibition entitled “Remarkable Women in Monegasque History” at the Princess Grace Rose Garden. As part of the “Women and Heritage” theme, the Committee is thus highlighting exceptional women who have helped to change women’s place...

Participation in the Generation Equality Forum: Gathering of French-speaking consultative bodies for equality between women and men

On the occasion of the Generation Equality Forum, the International Organisation of La Francophonie is organising, on the initiative of the High Council for Equality between Women and Men, the first-ever gathering of the consultative bodies of 16 States and governments of the French-speaking world, responsible for evaluating public policies on gender equality and formulating...

Tabling of the bill to amend and repeal of obsolete and unequal provisions ( 23/02/21)

Its aim is to amend and repeal obsolete or unequal provisions against women, identified in all the Codes and non-codified provisions of Monegasque law.

Study Violence against women 2020

The second study on violence against women in Monaco was published by IMSEE in conjunction with the Committee for the Promotion and Protection of Women’s Rights in February 2021

The Committee’s 2021 Communication Campaign – Christmas Gifts

26The Committee for the Promotion and Protection of Women’s Rights launched its communication campaign for the year 2021 at the end of December. The campaign focuses on equality between women and men in all areas, with the slogan “Equality is all year round” and the #égalitéjagis. The campaign will take place at different times of...

Tabling of the bill to reform provisions relating to the criminalisation of sexual assault ( 23/11/20 )

Its aim is to modify and complete the incriminations contributing to the repression of sexual offences.


International Women’s Day: collective work of art to be unveiled on 8 March

As part of the #8MarsMonaco (#8MarchMonaco) campaign, the Women’s Rights Committee is this year focusing on the protection of women’s rights and the law of the sea. Both of these themes require a change in mindset and can be viewed as complementary. According to the United Nations, 80% of people who have been displaced due...

Mesures for preventing violence against women

In order to deal with domestic violence during the period of confinement, the  Women’s Rights Comittee has just published a fact sheet on the aid and emergency mesures available in the Principality during the COVID 19 crisis.   This fact sheet is available on the website www.covid19.mc and also on the Comittee’s website, www.dfm.mc According...

Publication of first annual report

The first annual report of the Women’s Rights Committee was published recently.

Programme for 25th November 2019

The programme for the day features interactive theatrical performances at The Princess Grace Theatre organised in partnership with the Soroptimist Club of Monaco.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Communication campaign and programme for the day

#8MarchMonaco campaign

This awareness campaign was held to mark International Women’s Day on 8 March 2019. Photographs taken by the artist Mr Oneteas were displayed in the Principality. This campaign helped involving personalities in the fight for gender equality.